“Hell No! I Just Got Here!” Update on Robby Bobby

Robby Bobby elicited so many responses, I felt I had to go back and complete the saga. First of all, his real name was Willie Billy Kenny, making you wonder the about the thinking of whomever named him. I just figured that was too much for readers to swallow.  Willie Billy left us in grade school, which I have to say, was a relief to bruised heads and knees.  Obviously, he was being tutored in brutality at home, a sad lesson, and the only one he seemed to have learned.  I didn’t hear of him for many years, when he was arrested for strangling a trucker with his bare hands.  During his court appearance, the public offender offered this half-hearted explanation, “Your honor, this scrawny little man, barely five foot two, weighing less than one hundred and twenty pounds couldn’t possibly have over-powered and strangled a brawny truck driver of over two hundred fifty pounds of muscle.”

Upon hearing this insulting description of his person and physical abilities, the outraged Willy Billy Kenny shouted, “Oh yes I can!  Want me to show you!”  Leaping over the bar, past the bailiff, he grabbed the judge, pinning him to the floor.  He was well on the way to the second strangulation of his career when the guards broke it up. Willy Billy was ruled mentally incompetent and ensconced in the nearest facility, where I believe he remains today.

I was reluctant to share this part of his miserable story because I wanted to give the concerns of the mentally ill the emphasis it deserves.  He never really had a chance, nor did his victim.  A lifelong victim of bullying himself, he modeled the only significant interaction between humans he’d ever known.  Bullying, superimposed on his mental health issues was like pouring gasoline on a fire.  It was a sad situation.  God help the Willie Billys among us.

5 thoughts on ““Hell No! I Just Got Here!” Update on Robby Bobby

  1. That is interesting and sad at the same time. I am always interested in how a person gets “there.” I personally believe a lot of times it has to do with upbringing and family. Now, I am not saying always, but I think knowing the Intricacies of his childhood in this situation may very well shed some light on to who he has become.


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