The Person I am Most Thankful For by Cate Luther

Families struggling with the problems of mentally ill children are so in need of encouragement and community, it is wonderful to be able to share this post. Please pass it on to those who struggle.

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doctor silhouetteIn this month of giving thanks, many people espouse that they are thankful for their health or their family or even a sunshiny day. While all of those things are pretty wonderful and worthy, I have one particular person that I’m most thankful for.

You might think it is my husband or even my best friend but you’d be mistaken. Don’t get me wrong both of these people have been my lifeline on many occasions but this person I am referring to, gave me my daughter. Nope, I did not adopt my daughter. She’s my flesh and blood. My daughter’s psychiatrist who I am referring to. She is my hero.

My daughter has a mental illness along with an alphabet soup of other disorders. In the Summer of 2013 my child’s mood swings and rages were out of control. They started because a medication that had been partially working for…

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