Fish Tale

We were all going fishing! Katie, Johnnie, and Aunt Ellie had come to spend the night. Before daybreak the next morning, carrying a picnic lunch, we all headed for the deepest part of Cuthand Creek, where the biggest, laziest catfish lay in the deep water, under the tall trees, waiting for foolish little water critters to drift by. Luck was with us that day as we pulled in fish after fish; catfish, white perch, blue gill. We’d have enough to invite the neighbors in for a fish fry, a rare treat! They were still biting, when we finally ran out of worms, though, of course, we’d dug far more than we ever expected to need that day. It was painful to give it up when things were going so well. On a lark, Katie peeled a piece of papery bark off a sycamore tree and worked it onto her hook, laughing, “If they’re so greedy, maybe they’ll bite this!” Sure enough, almost as soon as her woody bait hit the water, it sunk. Thinking it had hung up on an underwater branch, she gave it a jerk. Lo and behold, it moved. “I gotta bite.! I gotta bite! It’s a big ‘un! Uncle Roscoe, Help!”

“Gee Whiz, Katie! You got a whale there!” Daddy struggled with the big catfish several minutes, till he finally exhausted it enough to manhandle it to the bank.  It was the biggest catfish one any of us had ever seen! When he got it to the cotton scales later that day, it weighed twenty-eight pounds, an amazing catch and an incredible fish tale.

10 thoughts on “Fish Tale

  1. Aww what a lovely little tale this is! I love to fish, but have never – EVER – had anything resembling luck. Maybe I talk too much. Actually, that’s probably what it is. Either that or I don’t sit still very well. There’s so many shiny things out there to see… hahaa! Thanks for the story! It was lovely…


  2. Gene says:

    Love the story. Katie was a lifelong fisherman and would go fishing at the drop of a hat. I remember one time when we were on our way up into Minnesota and drove by a lake. Mom wanted to stop and go fishing as she always carried a fold up cane pole to fish with. We stopped at a place where a culvert crossed under the road and right close to the highway. After not having much luck fishing Mom finally got a good jerk on her pole and she gave it a big jerk out of the water. It had a good sized fish on it and the swing flung the fish up onto the highway just as a semi truck was passing by. The poor fish was smashed flat and to say the least, Mom was not happy and It did not help any when all of us were rolling on the ground laughing so hard.


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