Buzzy, Sissy, and Squeaky

Buzzy and Squeaky FightingBuzzy, our four-year-old American Eskimo Dog is currently an only child.  He came to a home already run by Sissy, an Esky.  She was puppyish till Buzzy arrived, then immediately turned into a bipolar fun-police/grumpy old granny, alternately romping and bossing Buzzy.  He was only supposed to have fun at her discretion.  He enjoyed her company exclusively till we adopted Squeaky the cat.  He and Squeaky romped and staged wonderful mock battles for our entertainment every morning until Squeaky’s recent death from kidney failure, so for now, Buzzy is an only child.

He loves it!  I had expected him to mourn Sissy deeply, but am beginning to suspect he may have offed her.  He was respectful at her burial and quiet for a day or so, but bounced back joyously, enjoying the run of the house without her critical remarks and behavioral reminders.  He assumed ownership of her toys immediately, gnawing them with abandon

I have to give him his due.  He has mourned his friend, Squeaky.  I believe they were true friends and companions.  He draws us into battles now in memory of good old Squeaky.

4 thoughts on “Buzzy, Sissy, and Squeaky

  1. Bless his little fuzzy heart! I love this post… now that I am pet free (by necessity, not choice), I live vicariously through other people’s animal shenanigans. Well, I have the chickens, of course, but they can’t cuddle with me on the sofa. Well they could, but… chickens. :-/ MH

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