Let ’em Get Their Own Damned Cheesecake!

A simple comment can say so much.  For instance, I overheard a comment from my seventeen-year-old son that cleared things up for me far more than hours of counseling ever could have. He was trying to enlist his sister in some planned mayhem, probably because he had no money for gasoline, and she replied, “Now, Mom and Dad aren’t going to be happy when they find this out.”

His reply:  “Well, if Mom and Dad wanted to be happy all the time, they shouldn’t have had kids.”  It changed my whole approach toward parenting him.

My mother is “not tall” and very sensitive about it.  When nosy people ask, “How tall are you?” she comes back with the zinger.  “How much do you weigh?”  Her six-foot seven inch grandson has been accosted about his height so many times; he is ready with this one, “Five feet, nineteen inches.”

Mother has been widowed over thirty-five years.  Many times people have asked why she never remarried.  Her reply, “I’ve thought about it many times, but there’s only one thing wrong with most men.  They keep breathing in and breathing out.”

My husband does not like to share food outside the home.  Once, long, long ago, I made a dessert to take to work and didn’t make one for home.  When I got ready to take it to work in the morning, a big piece was missing. I confronted him, self-righteously with, “You got into the cheesecake I made for work!”

“If they want cheesecake, let ‘em get their own damn cheesecake!”  It cleared things up so much.  I never made that mistake again.  Choose your battles carefully.

18 thoughts on “Let ’em Get Their Own Damned Cheesecake!

  1. I can remember my mother looking around the dinner table one night at all us kids and our friends who were over for dinner when she suddenly singled one poor guy out of the whole bunch of us out, and asked in a very serious voice, “Is he with anybody?” There was absolute silence until my oldest brother spoke up and said, “Yeah, Mom, he’s with me.” My mother just said oh and we all started to eat. The funny thing is I could have sworn my oldest brother was at least 7-8 years older than that kid my mom pointed out. Lol.


  2. Ohhhh I can so relate to this!!! I call it the “cheesecake factor”. Everything has to be doubled or squared in my house too. Seems like your hubby and mine come from the same cheesecake mold! Or would that be mould? Ha, uh oh I’m sensing cheesy jokes comin on…


  3. If someone were to mention my ‘short’ height (5′ 3″), I say, “well, as long as my feet touch the ground, that’s all that matters.” and if they make a comment about my ‘big feet’, I say, “I can cover more ground this way.”


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