31 thoughts on “Okay, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. I did call my cousin!! We talked for an hour and a half and I asked her about the relatives. She is the oldest cousin, so she remembers all the relatives that I was too young to ask about. On another note, she was ‘shocked’ to hear from me–she had been thinking about me for the past 2 days…


        • No was taking my mother to Philadelphia. Got her seated in last seat left just across from this woman. I am protective of Mother and you can bet I would have asked for seat if Mother needed it, but it would have left a little old lady hanging onto a pole for a couple of minutes while she cleared her stuff away. I love my Mother and was offended to have someone show so little respect.


        • Call her now. My mother might be the last person left living who knew Emma Lou. I am so sorry this poor, sweet woman was never acknowledged for her sweet life. This post is too little, too late, but Emma Lou needs remembering.

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  2. If she is able bodied, I would simply ask. I’d gently nod at the sign and ask if she’d let someone needier sit there. Sometimes people don’t notice things. Giving her the benefit of the doubt would be kindest. She might have one of many disorders that don’t “show.” I think asking would clear it up and cause viewers nearby less internal stress.


  3. I think that it is either that the pregnant lady with the wooden leg wouldn’t be able to read the sign because her contact lens has fallen out or is it just that the sign contradicts itself? Seats for disabled people are against Federal Law, These seats are for anyone who wishes to use them.


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