Please Keep The Prayers And Thoughts Coming

Please pray for our neighbors in Buffalo and pass the word that they need our prayers.

Above Illusion

image[This picture was taken from my eating room window, from the sill itself to try to express to you how deep this snow is. This photo really does not convey the huge amount of snow you are looking at that stands well over the sill of my window.]


Dearest Friends …. To even try to put into words how deeply touched I am by all your concern, prayers, thoughts, Love, and Light, is not possible. We are living through one of the greatest disasters known to WNY and Lancaster, NY. At times it is terrifying, gut wrenching fear wanting to just take over. That I will not allow to happen.

I am feeling very tired this day, my face pale, my stomach hurting, bouts of dizziness coming and going, and all I want to do is to lay down and sleep. I am not able to do this. My…

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Uh Oh!

The ninety-year-old man tottered in to his doctor’s office, then turned and gestured to his eighty-eight year-old wife.  “Come on in.  This concerns you, too.”

After a cursory greeting, the doctor asked them, “How can I help you today?”

“Well, we’re having problems with our sex life.”

Caught by surprise, the doctor asked, “Uhhhh….How long has this been going on?”

“First last night and then again this morning!”


Reblogging this excellent post from Red’s Wrap. I’ve often thought of this when hearing people giving glowing reports on their children, mindless of the struggles of others. Something to think about. Thanks Jan Wilberg for this thoughtful post on

Red's Wrap

Her children are doing great, one is an accountant, another in law school, the last in Central America on a break from college,resumes folded in her purse to show me if I asked. I turned away from the contest, knowing I would have to say that, of mine, three are happy and one not so much but that probably changes day by day. I stopped keeping track of their accomplishments or not and now settle on whether I want to have lunch with them and whether they can tell a decent joke or get one, which one of them I would trust to show up if I was stranded, no questions asked. This is hard to explain standing amid the Christmas candles in the department store so I just keep it to myself and say goodbye.

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Raising the Dead

Poor Uncle Joe was dying.  No doubt about it.  He’d been in bed for days, getting weaker and weaker.  Family “sat” with him around the clock.  Cousin Frank who’d been sitting for hours, finally just had to slip out to the bathroom.  Uncle Joe opened his eyes for the first time in days.  He smelled apple pie.  He was hungry!!  He just had to have some pie.

“Sally.  Sally”  No answer.  That pie was calling him.  With his last strength, he slid out of bed, so weak he melted to the floor.  Creeping on hands and knees, he finally made it down the long hall to the kitchen.  As he pulled up to the table and reached for the pie, Aunt Sally turned and smacked his hand, “Leave that alone, you old goat!  That’s for the funeral!”