Take a Break?

AppreciationThis is what I got when I went over to pick up illustrations for my post.  Mother is getting a little difficult.  I’d been gone for several days.  Surely, should could have found a little time for a break while I was gone.  Seriously, we have some great times together.

Mother in her yard

Here she is relaxing on the patio she built herself.  Did I mention she’s past eighty?

In the picture below she is checking out real estate in a cemetery.  She likes to be prepared and wanted to know if it would be comfortable.  Did you notice the fanny pack? She thinks she “can take it with her.”  I told her it would all just get burned up!

Mother checking out realestate

28 thoughts on “Take a Break?

  1. I like characters. They make life a heck of alot more interesting!!!! 🙂 MY MOM made sure I visited her recently purchased cemetery plot before leaving for the airport to fly back home! I’m not emotional, already, only seeing her once a year and all, but she’s gotta make sure I see the plot and “nice headstone” before I leave! Told me she had everything “ready to go on it” except the final date….WHATEVER!!! 🙂


  2. Hahaha! Your mum in the cemetary – TOO FUNNY! What a little character she is… and how blessed you are to have her, and she is to have retained her sense of humour! Love this post… and thanks for letting us get to know your mom that bit better!


  3. Well, we see she has a sense of humor! I was wondering who was doing the illustrations, she’s good. Do I see a Grandma Moses in the works? I think so! I like her patio, nothing like enjoying the beautiful outdoors (til the bugs come and it gets too hot/cold). 😉 Tell Mom I said ‘hello’.


  4. Elaine says:

    This gave me a good laugh. In her illustration you are particularly menacing and one can’t help but sympathize with her as the tattered, little old lady. Tell her she can’t fool me .Love the photos, too.

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