Vintage Booty Boosters

from Envisioning the American Dream and Human Interest. Finally a look I can do!

Envisioning The American Dream

Female Bottom Enhancements

A turkey isn’t the only thing being stuffed this Thanksgiving.

With visions of a well basted Kim Kardashian dancing in their heads, curve-challenged women wanting to appear more bootyliscious are frantically wriggling into padded panties strategically stuffed with foam and silicone gel pads on their hips and butts.

Booty is back in a big way

The decades long desire for a diminished derriere has seemingly bottomed out.

Buns of Steel are just so yesterday.

Bottoms Up

Lingerie Fredericks Pad it SWScan03590

No ifs, ands or butts about it, suddenly everyone wants a bodacious booty.

The Rubenesque rump long reviled is this years must-have fashion accessory for sex appeal, something non-white culture has long embraced.

Even that gold standard of style Vogue declared “We’re in the era of the big booty.”

Now after years of killer exercises to flatten our plump posteriors, what gal doesn’t find herself needing a boost in the caboose?

Booty Call

lingerie Fredericks Hollywood padded panty “Two…

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Booty Boosters

  1. It is so funny that we are cheating with our bodies. I mean it always depends. But my daughter told me about a women in the gym. She had implants in her butt and when she sat down you could see them stick out. So weird!


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