Lesson from a Blackbird

I grew up on a farm.  My brother and I were out in a field with his shotgun one day when a flock of blackbirds flew over.  I fired into the flock, hitting one unfortunate bird.  I was thrilled at my marksmanship, never having expected to hit anything.  Feeling victorious, I picked the little bird up, only to find he wasn’t dead yet.  He wrapped his little claws around my finger reflexively, like a newborn baby does.  It broke my heart that I had taken his life for no reason other than my own pleasure.  That was when I learned every creature’s life is as precious to it as mine is to me.  I’ve never wanted to harm another since then.

11 thoughts on “Lesson from a Blackbird

  1. Talk about your double meanings of “bird in the hand”! I have a similarly guilt-ridden story that involves bullfrogs and croaking ~ literally and figuratively. I had already reserved that topic for a future post so I won’t spoil it anymore.


  2. My cousin did something similar with a yellow finch. Just shot it right out of the tree with a BBgun. His mother was so angry with him, I doubt he felt any sympathy as you did since the next day he was out targeting birds again.


  3. Even the tiniest creature teaches us something. Mostle those are the ones that teach us the biggest lessons. Guess we all had such an experience. I totally understand your bleeding heart.


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