Hat (Joke)

Golda Bernstein took her five year-old grandson to the beach. Her heart swelled with pride as she stood with her darling grandson dressed in his blue and white sailor suit viewing the majesty of the ocean.  Suddenly a rogue wave washed in, picked him up, and swept him away, leaving everything else nearby dry and unscathed.

Golda raised her hands to the sky and demanded of God, “How can you so cruelly take my grandson and leave me here to suffer?  What kind of God are you?”

In a moment, another wave appeared from nowhere returning the child to her, safe and well.

She raised her arms heavenward.  “He had a hat!”


Daddy’s insistence on respect from his family made it all the more rewarding when indignities befell him. Daddy was the first the see humor when we found ourselves in awkward or embarrassing situations, but did not like being the butt of jokes. Naturally, we loved seeing him embarrass himself. Daddy worked alternating shifts at the paper mill. Continue reading