Decision to Enter Nursing

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of being a nurse.  My interaction with nurses was mostly getting shots at the health unit.  It was the least appealing job I could imagine.  I got a degree in education .  I was a total misfit as a teacher and wanted no part of that field.  A stay at home mom, I was content raising my two children thinking, sometime when the time was right, I’d pursue some other discipline.

A friend called one day, wanting to know if I’d keep her son for a couple of hours so she could go register for nursing school.  To my shock, I answered, “No, I’m going to nursing school!”  Where in the world had that come from?  . I never looked back.  I registered for nursing school that afternoon.  My poor husband was incredulous when he came home. Since I already had a degree, it only took two years to finish.  I spent the next thirty years as as nurse, the perfect job for me.  It was the best decision that was ever made for me.

Dog’s Life

burying bone

Buzzy came by a little more turkey skin than he needed Thanksgiving Day and took it out to his favorite burying place behind the rose arbor, where he has deposited countless biscuits and other treats that he didn’t need at the moment.b burying wing

Though he is currently the only dog in residence, he got no rest, frequently checking his stash, knowing a thief dog might happen by any minute.b digging up bone

Poor little guy dug it up and moved it several times, before finally getting hungry enough to eat it and get some rest.


Magic Circle

Magic circle0002

Repost of earlier post:

Shay woke early between Kay-Lonnie and Lena but their eyes were already open, waiting for her. They never wiggled till she woke, seeming to breathe the same air, thinking the same thoughts.   Her big sister Susie pulled the quilt over her curly head on the other side of the big bed, grumping about Shay’s cold feet.  Continue reading