Grieving for Sally

Sadly, one of the best and brightest of the senior class died. Sally was a lovely girl, studious, popular, well-liked by students and teachers, active in the community and church. She was swept away by a sudden illness just before graduating. Her funeral was attended by the entire community. Six of her friends were selected as pall-bearers. Eddie was honored at being asked to do this last small thing for his friend. His eyes were filled with tears as he took his place at the right front corner of the coffin, bearing Sally to her grave, his heart breaking with grief. He wept as he walked, grasping the coffin handle firmly, keeping pace with the others headed toward her resting place. It seemed like the longest walk of his life,  seeming to go on forever, as events do in times of great emotion. Eventually, he wiped his eyes and looked around, horrified to find himself alone, a few hundred yards from the rest of the funeral party, holding a coffin handle in his right hand. Jamming the coffin handle in his pocket, he fled the cemetery in mortification, hoping to escape notice. He kept the coffin handle for several months, trying to determine the most respectful way to deal with the reminder of his friend. He couldn’t just throw it away. He considered returning it to her parents, but that didn’t seem right. Finally, he slipped to her graveside at night and buried it near her headstone.


12 thoughts on “Grieving for Sally

  1. What a touching story. Sally – as young as she died – left a footprint. And she even became immortal through your story. Having goose bumps all over! I don’t know if this is going too far to tell you, but I feel a lot of love, gratitude, and appreciation rolling through me towards your post. And I know where it comes from.


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