Underwear – Did You Know…

Reblogged from A Momma’s View Some things are just too crazy to try to figure out

A Momma's View

… that it is illegal in San Francisco to use old underwear to clean cars in a car wash?

So ladies and gentlemen, please keep your undies hidden and your sexy lingerie in the drawers (or on your bodies) and never use it to wash your car. And for sure not in a car wash!

But I wonder…

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3 thoughts on “Underwear – Did You Know…

  1. I use my old pants for cleaning my bike and, er, wiping my dipstick after checking the oil in my car. No one cares round here. I never wear them. Or use ones I’m wearing at the time.
    I also find old socks are great for cleaning the suspension forks on my bikes. Is that illegal anywhere?


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