Epiphany on Retirement

We’ve been married more than forty years, but we both just retired.  It’s like getting married, except no honeymoon.  I get up early to write and make coffee.  Bud gets up, fixes our coffee and we drink coffee for a while.  I cook breakfast and tidy up a bit while Bud checks the history channel to see what Hitler is up to today or to see which Global Disasters are headed our way before he goes out to his shop till lunch.  This morning, like usual, I asked Bud to help a little.  “Would you please vacuum the living room?”  His face fell, like always.

Before he could agree, “Okay, but let me ……………first.,”  I realized, We don’t have to do this everyday.  He’s not going to do it anyway.  There’s no need for us both to be frustrated.

“Oh, never mind.  I’ll do it.  You go on out to the shop.”  Our lives just got a lot simpler. Now, I need to go vacuum, so we can both get back to what we love to do.

15 thoughts on “Epiphany on Retirement

  1. I admire how you can simply switch your attitude in order to keep peace. And I think you really mean it not only say it and get angry inside. Everybody is happy and fine. This is wonderful and I hope I can develop that as well. I don’t hope I need another 20 years… But I think this is a lesson that is learned through a long marriage.

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