Rough Day (Joke)

The funeral procession was making its way down the icy street when it hit a bad patch, spun in circles, hit a curb, and the back door flew open.  The coffin came flying out, crashed through the front of a drug store, and slid along the counter where it stopped right in front of the poor horrified soda jerk who was struggling through his first day on the job. The corpse popped up into a sitting position.

“Uhhhh…..Can I help you?”  The clerk stammered.

“”Sure!” said the corpse.  “Have you got anything to stop this coffin?”


6 thoughts on “Rough Day (Joke)

  1. Billy R Swain says:

    Really enjoying your stories and Buds old jokes!!keep it Up!!still can’t believe he was coming to see You!!😳

    Sent from my iPhone



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