Well, I feel simply awful about this post… but it does sort of illustrate how my weird, crack squirrel infested mind works…

Reblogged from Pouring My Art Out Where can I get that blood?

Pouring My Art Out

Like all my weird ideas, this started off harmlessly enough. My friend over at:  http://notapunkrocker.wordpress.com/  did a cute little post about some cute little penguin stickers that she had stuck on the back of some of her Christmas letters to help seal them shut. (I guess they should have been cute little seal stickers… HA!)…

Anyway, she made a joke about feeling guilty that people would have to rip their little heads off when they opened the letters… and then it hit me… oh, yeah….

What if you took some cute little animal stickers…

a 1 a 6

And then, between the back, sticky layer and the cute little picture, you placed a tiny plastic pouch containing fake blood and a little dangly piece of spinal column… so that when people ripped open the letter, it would look something like this…

a 1 a 6 copy

Oh come on… I hear you all recoiling at my brilliant idea. I can…

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