Mean Mama

Here I sit watching ” The Nutcracker!”  My mother told me I couldn’t be a ballerina because dancing would give me big legs.  I didn’t need to be prissing around in one of those short skirts showing off my panties, and I didn’t need to be messing around with guys wearing tights.  She sure ruined my life!

20 thoughts on “Mean Mama

  1. ahhaha cool story!.. I want to learn some karate lessons, but my dad wouldn’t allow me, because I already was looking like a boy (skinny, with short black hairs) and fighting a lot in the neighborhood. Once a neighbor came to complain to my dad that his son (meaning myself) was hitting his son (fighting with him), and he couldn’t think what would have happened if I learned karate 


  2. I ‘m trying to picture you in a tutu, and though I think you’d look fine in one, I think the problem would have been getting you into one and convincing you not to slide down into muddy ditches and stuff. Lol.


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