Buzzy, the Music Critic

Buzzy and BudBuzzy has a busy life.  First thing every morning, he wakes me up to make coffee and take him out. He tries to go in the street. Then he goes back to bed till he thinks its time to get Bud up to drink coffee and take him out, and make another run at the street.  When Bud won’t let him, he tells Bud I always let him.  They argue a little before coming back in so he can sit on Bud’s lap while Bud plays the guitar.  When Buzzy gets enough, he puts his head on the guitar strings to silence it. By that time, it’s time for our breakfast.  Buzzy helps by licking my plate. He helps me make the bed, his all-time favorite and most important job.  He lives for sheet-changing day. Afterwards, another trip outside to check the weather, make plans for the day, feed the fish, and hope we’re distracted so he has a shot at the street.  As the only dog child of retired parents, he never has much luck with this.  Finally he supervises Bud in the shop for a few minutes before coming back in to see if I need any more help with the dishes.  His morning’s work done, he settles in for a little nap before lunch.  After lunch, he helps Bud with his guitar and nap.  He tries to keep his afternoons open.  He’s hoping to be adopted by a street person one day.

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