Rocky Christmas

The most thrilling Christmas gift I ever got was a red wooden rocking horse, named Rocky.  I was so excited  Christmas Eve I woke up half a dozen times asking if it was time to get up yet.  Finally, about four o’clock, Mother and Daddy gave up the battle.  We had to stay in our rooms for eons till Mother got coffee made.  When she and Daddy were finally settled in the living room, they let us come in to see what Santa had brought.  The tree, lights shimmering beneath the angel hair was breathtaking.  Off to one side sat my red rocking horse!  It was really bouncing horse on springs.  I must have bounced ten-thousand miles on Rocky, the frame jumping off the floor till Mother couldn’t stand the racket and slowed me down.

Santa also brought me some other gifts.  I was delighted to see the biggest box of all was for me unfortunately containing a tea set.  I was initially disgusted, but later found the plates and cups very useful in my construction projects, excellent for scooping mud and sand for road building.  The tea pot came in handy for irrigation.  Despite my insistence that I didn’t want one, Santa just couldn’t get it through his head that I really, really hated baby dolls.  This year’s model was a hard plastic life-size doll with molded hair.  I hated it on sight.  The icing on the cake was opening my grandma’s gift and finding her twin.  There’s nothing better than two of something you hate!  I was worldly enough by this time not to announce to the world that I hated dolls as I opened them, so I am here to tell the tale

Billy got the obligatory cap pistols, holster, and hat.  I tried to work up a trade for my twin babies, pointing out we could hang them, then have fine funerals.  I almost had him convinced till Daddy heard me trying to get his boy to swap guns for baby dolls and …………..well, it didn’t happen.  Phyllis got a fine pogo stick, which worked just great till she wore out the stopper on the end.  After that, she hopped around punching holes in the yard till she hit a soft spot and buried up.  That could be fun, too.

It was a fine Christmas.  Thanks Santa, Mother, and Daddy.  Oh yes, except for the tea set and baby doll.  I told you I didn’t want one!


15 thoughts on “Rocky Christmas

  1. All you doll haters make me feel right at home! Add me to the list of doll funeral directors. *Great minds think alike * 🙂 I much preferred my brother’s action toys. I wonder just how many doll haters never came out of the closet so to speak. Whenever I was invited along with group of girls to play with Barbie dolls at a friend’s place, I always winced inside, but I tried to go along with it to fit in but I wasn’t good at faking it. I always just put a bathing suit on her and tried to make her into a gymnast (because I was a gymnast). They didn’t come out with Gymnast Barbie until my daughter was at the doll age. I guess I was just ahead of my time. I too also had one of those bouncy spring loaded ponies when I was little, her name was Brownie (because she was brown, you know). I cried the day I realized I was too big to ride her anymore.


  2. Ha Ha! My daughter hated dolls as well, but I got her these twin dolls to play with. She was totally unimpressed until she decided to bang their head together which produced a nice noise. Not quite what I had in mind!


  3. Fantastic and Wonderful…as always! My horse was “Daisy.” I even use a photo of myself riding her as my “About Mom” photo. Daisy was a good ol’ horse…especially for sitting on and watching the Lone Ranger and sneakin up on bad guys and Injuns!!!

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