Good Old Sue

Trouble had its own plan and always lurked in the shadows waiting to jump me.  The simplest thing could go wrong.  There was just no way to anticipate what was down the road.  Billy and Troy were out of pocket when Uncle Parnell was ready to leave.  Daddy sent me and Sue to look for them.  Jamey and Froggy told us they had seen Continue reading

Thank You to Essential Workers

Once again, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving o all the hardworking people who keep things going for the rest of us on holidays.  Be sure to thank those working in stores, gas stations,your hairdresser, utility workers.  Should you go to emergency room or visit someone in a hospital or nursing home, you’ll see folks who regularly sacrifice to care for others, regardless of the holidays.  Our military, firemen and policemen are on the job as usual.  Our mail carriers are struggling under greater than usual demands.  Thanks for keeping things going regardless of the holiday