The guide dog led his blind master directly through a green light out into the traffic of a busy intersection.  Horns honked.  Cars crashed into each other all around him.  A good Samaritan ran out into traffic and snatched him to safety.  The blind gentleman reached into his pocket for a treat.  “Good boy.  Good boy.  Here’s a treat!”  He patted the air, feeling for his dog’s head. Continue reading

The Great Cow Hoist

The Great Cow Hoist has been an ongoing argument between Connie and Marilyn for years.  At the risk of alienating one of my sisters, as a true witness, I feel obligated to set the record straight.  Mother was there as well, but everyone knows how ditzy Mother is.  Additionally, she tries to be impartial, so she sees the story both ways, depending on Continue reading

Stolen Fruitcake: Weird but True!

My grandma died December 16, 1964.  I was devastated.  She was always accepting of me and seemed not to notice my faults.  She had mailed her Christmas gifts to us the morning of the evening of her death.  The box arrived two or three days after her funeral.  It was a macabre feeling, being anxious to find out what she’d sent, knowing she was in Continue reading


Every year around Christmas, I think of a girl I went to school with briefly.  Blanche was the new kid.  She seemed lost.  I guessed it was because she’d changed schools in the middle of the school year but it turned out to be a lot more than that.  I felt so badly for her as her sad story unfolded. Continue reading