Christmas Joy

Pic Pic revisedThis Christmas our family decided not to buy gifts to exchange.  Instead, we were each to bring a treasured item to pass on or make a gift for exchange. No money was to be spent.   It was the start of a lovely tradition.  My sister Connie, her husband, and son made lovely gifts for everyone.  They framed each of us a copy of the only remaining picture of the five of us children using reclaimed wood from the house where we grew up.  It is beautiful.   Phyllis, the oldest child, brought the family Bible, which she’d had for several years, and passed it on to another sister.  My husband, Bud, made a wonderful knife out of an old file.  Mother passed on a bread platej my dad won at his job many years ago and serving spoons given to her by her father when she married, to my nephew and his fiancée.  I brought some vintage blue glass bowls my sister will take to her new home soon.  One niece misunderstood the directions and brought her favorite ragged shorts, T shirt, and mismatched socks.  We all enjoyed her discomfiture.  It was a wonderful day as we discussed the stories of all the items shared.  What a joyous time we had!


10 thoughts on “Christmas Joy

  1. Tania Tome M de Castro says:

    It is so nice that everything worked! Your Family is really nice. It is difficult to find gifts to give without spending money. She gives me her jewels. Every Christmas she does it. And she always has more jewelry to give. are sometimes semi-jewels.


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