My need for equality was entirely personal.  It didn’t take me long to notice, boys got a better deal, primarily because they wore pants.  No one ragged on them to “act like a lady, keep your dress tail down, or keep clean.”  My brother never dusted, washed a dish, changed a diaper, or made a bed.  That was women’s work.

Actually at our house, everything was women’s work. Women were free to labor at any task: gardening,mowing, housework,cooking, helping in any way shape, form or fashion indoors or at the barn.  The unfortunate men in the family suffered under restrictions.  They couldn’t do women’s work.  Daddy hinted at hormonal restraints.

i wanted equality for the men at our house.  How awful they must have felt to come in at the end of the day just to sit down and watch the women and girls labor at getting a meal on the table, after we’d all been together all day.  I yearned for equality!


14 thoughts on “Equality

  1. I quite agree, surely it is more beneficial for all to share tasks and they should not be gender related. If tasks are related to gender, what happens when one of the gender is not there, do their tasks be left. If so this benefits no one.


  2. My mother, strict German disciplinarian, and my father, US Army Sergeant, gave us five kids equal opportunity chores. The boys were expected to make their beds just like the girls. And they had specific household chores too. It’s made them very good husbands in later life, I think.


  3. I never understood this. I have four brothers and six sisters. Everybody did everything. My parents put a list of chores up on the refrigerator and the list who was to do what that week rotated. I cooked, I cleaned, I changed more diapers than the average day-care worker.

    The thing is, in our neighborhood everyone had a minimum of ten kids and chores worked the same for everyone. If you went to a neighbor’s house for super, like if they were serving corn instead of steam spinach, you usually had to help clear the table and wash dishes. It’s not until I left the neighborhood that I met guys who didn’t know how to cook Mac & Cheese.

    I still remember telling my wife, “Here’s what causes diaper rash….”


  4. In my family there’s five girls and me… each of my girls is lethargic about house chores and it falls to me to set the example and hope they follow… Although being the only bread winner makes it tough to manage on all sides… But, we all chip in based on a schedule!


  5. We call grandfather, grandfather broom, he always seems to have to do something, wash dishes, sweeping, whatever. ..this rubbed off, daddy is the same. Boeta is growing up in a house where daddy cook’s, does washing 70% of the time. That is as a direct result of grandfather as what we had to do, being 3 men and 2 women in the house, everyone chipped in. Lucky I guess.


  6. Tania Tome M de Castro says:

    I have similar problems at home.
    I’ve asked the men in my family that at least put the dishes used in the dishwasher. But they do not. It is difficult to deal with this situation of inequality between men and women.
    … And I work out. I am a teacher. Sometimes I feel tired.


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