Happiness! The Count is Coming to Town!

CountOn the subject of happiness, some days start routinely no expectation of stumbling into pure joy.  One of my precious children, who shall remain forever nameless, experienced that life-changing thrill when they while searching frantically for an item to take to their class for a current events assignment on March 5, 1985 when this golden picture was printed in the local paper.  I expect neither the paper nor the proofreader were quite so happy.

God is good!

32 thoughts on “Happiness! The Count is Coming to Town!

  1. I worked for a wholesaler of appliances and, as such, our invoices carried a field for special instructions. One of the services we provided was installation. One young ladies attempt to abbreviate the service of “install air conditioner unit” resulted in reading “install a c unt”. Another of my staff brought it to my attention with the question “how long have we been doing this?”


  2. marilynmunrow says:

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    Tee hee hee hee, well if you are going to make a typo, you could not have picked a worse word to do it on. hahahahahaha This made me chuckle to myself sugar. hahahahahahhhahahaha

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