Screaming Green Slime

You’d expect daily pandemonium in a household of seven but wait!  Like those infomercials on TV, we got two for the price of one!  And at no extra charge, Daddy and I both walked and talked in our sleep.  Most people have experience with people talking in their sleep, but sleep-walking less common.  The sleep-walker doesn’t look like the ones in the movies, walking around shut-eyed with extended arms.  When I am sleep-walking, I can see everything in the room, along with extra stuff that isn’t there.  For example, I got up one night, strolled into the living room and tore into Bud for coloring on the wall with a green crayon, pointing out a large defaced area only I could see.  By the way, my sleep talk can be extremely profane.  I have to warn overnight guests.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, one lovely night when I was a teenager, everything came together for a restful night.  We’d watched “The Green Slime” just before going to bed.  I guess it had made quite an impression on me.  I woke the whole house, screaming.  Bill was sleeping in the next room.  Terrified that The Green Slime was about to get him, he bolted from bed, grabbed his pants, and jammed both legs into one leg, hobbling himself.  When he tried to run, he fell, slid across the room and knocked the closet door down, wedging it on top of himself. He was trapped!  Sure, The Green Slime had him, he invested the rest of his energy in screaming, kicking the wall, and trying to get out from under the door, all with his legs trapped in one trouser leg.  Naturally with all our screaming, we terrified the other kids and got them going.  It was quite a while before things settled down enough for anybody to go back to sleep.

22 thoughts on “Screaming Green Slime

  1. GAhahaha! Both my kids had febrile hallucinations, which is kind of like sleepwalking. Eyes open, making no sense, frightened of houseplants, wallpaper, people… So funny, unless you are the one hallucinating! Fortunately, no profanity…


    • It doesn’t work that way. People end up thinking you talk that way all the time and have been on good behavior. Nominated you for an award. OK if you don’t have time for requirements.


  2. Apparently I used to talk in my sleep whenever I was worried about something and my Mum would sit on the side of my bed holding my hand. I can just imagine her saying ‘ and…….. and……..’ and just hope I didn’t let out all my teenage secrets! 🙂


  3. RinaMet says:

    I used to sleep-walk as a child. One time I remember, I dreamed of hamburger, and then I woke up on our dining table in the kitchen, curled up as a hamburger.


  4. Never a dull moment in your house! My husband used to sleep walk and did it exactly as you describe. I had no idea he was “sleeping” when he would come out into the living room and ask me where the “diode” was. He was working third shift in a computer company at the time and was seriously sleep-deprived.


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