I need to change my expectations.  Bud and I have been married a long,long time.  He just called me out to the shop to see a Big Surprise.  I was somewhat caught up in it since I had asked him to do a number of things for me.  He had cleaned off his fly tying bench and installed some repurposed speakers.  I couldn’t spot the surprise.  Where would a person ever get the idea a surprise was for them?  I need to work on myself.

29 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Ha! This reminds me that my 5-year-old daughter equates the word surprise with present. I am desperately trying to get her to know they are not the same thing 🙂 Thank you for checking out my blog as well and giving it a follow – I appreciate it!


    • I asked him yesterday, “How is my desk renovation going?” Him “It’s in the early stages.” Me “Oh, you haven’t started.” Him “I’m still thinking about it.”


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