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    Tour Through Blogland

A while ago I was invited to participate in “ A Tour Through Blogland,” also known as “The Virtual Blog Tour Award.” When my nominator, Linda from Nutstrok, introduced me to this project, I was immediately intersted and excited. Afterall, it has to do with our creative writing process, and allows other bloggers to know the ins and out of how and what we write. Linda comes from a long line of storytellers. The hilarious, mishap stories about her mother are heading toward an E-book. Her mother’s growing up during the great depression is a longer book project in the works. Visit her blog site, there are more stories for you to enjoy.

Now, the rules for this project:

  1. Pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers.
  2. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.
  3. Answer 4 questions about your creative process which lets…

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Episode 112: A Tour Through Blogland

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I am thrilled and honoured to have been nominated by the lovely and talented Linda from Nutsrok, to take part in a ‘Tour Through Blogland’, otherwise known as ‘The Virtual Blog Tour Award’ I am thrilled to be amongst such great company as the other nominees, and it is my pleasure to accept.

There are a couple of rules that are as follows:

1.Pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.
2.Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do:

What am I working on at the moment?

I am trying to focus on improving my writing at the moment, although, over the three months I have been blogging, I have noticed that my writing is getting a little better. Certainly reading other blogs gives…

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A Tour Through Blogland

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My friend, Linda, from Nutsrock invited me to join A Tour Through Blogland. This a great idea to introduce some very inspiring bloggers to the community. I am very thankful for getting this opportunity to participate. Please check out Linda’s blog. She is an exceptionally gifted writer. Her stories are tellings from her and her families history: Stories, which make you laugh, cry and think; but most of all stories full of life.

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At the Moment of Death

I thought I was at the moment of death.  As a nurse I’d been with patients in their final moments but now found myself preparing to face my own probable death. Late one evening, I was trying desperately to get home amidst severe weather warnings.  Thunderstorm warnings were in effect with strong likelihood for development of a tornado.  We live near a lake in Louisiana experiencing frequent tornado activity, so bad weather is always a concern.  I was within a mile of home when the worst of the storm hit, stranding me on an overpass over the interstate.  I was caught between cars, visibility so low I couldn’t even see the tail lights of the car ahead of me.  Rain and straight lines winds buffeted the car, moving it and rocking it side to side.  I waited, terrified, not knowing if I was going to be swept from my high point by a tornado or killed by impact from a vehicle behind.  Though, I couldn’t see it, I learned later the tornado touched down about two hundred feet behind me, destroying everything in its path.

Once I determined death was inevitable, my fear left me.  I felt gratitude for the life I’d been given and was grateful that my husband was there to finish raising the children. In a minute or so the skies cleared as I headed home to my worried family who was hiding in a closet from the tornado I’d just escaped!  I’ve never felt a dread of death since that day.

My Own Circus (Kathleen’s Memoirs of The Great Depression)

circus parade0002

Illustration by Kathleen Swain.  Story by Linda Bethea.

One warm spring day as the sun beamed brightly in the open window, Miss Billie read a story about Billy Boy and the Buffalos.   I loved to hear her read but was distracted by a couple of flies who had slipped in and were buzzing a vase of daffodils on the ledge.   Almost hypnotized by the droning, I caught an inkling of faraway music on the breeze.  Continue reading