Are There Unofficial Rules for Blogging?

Reblogging this excellent post from My Thoughts on a Page

My thoughts on a page.

My blog is nearly six weeks old.

For months after a baby is born,
you refer to its age in weeks.
So maybe my husband has a point,
My blog is my new baby!

Well if that is the case,
As the parent of my new blog,
I have some queries and questions,
of those of you more experienced blog parents than I.

In the early days as I read other blogs,
I was amazed to see,small_4755036043
the number of people,
taking the time to write,
on every conceivable topic.
I felt like a child in a sweet shop,
whenever I knew I had free time,
to sit and read so many different posts.
Then if i wished,
I could press the “like” button.

After a while,
I began to absorb my new surroundings.
Some people had large followings,
some relatively small.
Some posted frequently,
others less so.

Then I…

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