Great dog story from itenerantneerdowell



“Summer 2014, Deck Construction–Maggie’s in Foreground”

Maggie was (is) a good little girl dog–some would even say, a very good dog.  Tan and white, friendly, with pet parents that loved and cared for her.  She pranced through her yard–flag-like tail held high in the air.

When did my dog catch the wanderlust?  Was the desire to break free, go out and explore new horizons, always there? Maggie had everything–or so everyone thought.  But, somehow, it wasn’t enough.  What made good dogs do bad things?

Game after game of spirited backyard chase took place with her canine cousins. Maggie ran around a large shrub, hid underneath low branches–dared the others to come closer. When my daughter’s dogs, Phantom and Bogart approached–she’d jump out.  Ha, gotcha–chase me more, more.

It was nice weather for late November.  The newly constructed deck and back entrance–with large windows, were perfect for dog watching.  I could monitor any…

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