The Least You Can Do

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A long, long time ago, we were homeless and living with another family. I bet most of you never read that post, because it only has six likes. At any rate, that was the darkest time of our marriage, a time during which we were least happy with life and least happy with one another.

The darkness fell after I had come home from lunch and maternity clothes shopping with Beauty Queen, to find The Mister sat on the couch, let go from his job.
Occasionally, The Mister comes home earlier than expected and yes, I do freak out, each and every time.
*kiss kiss* “WHY ARE YOU HOME?!?” I scream.


At any rate, during this dark time, I cared for our children, the child of the residence, the house, and our one baby, while The Mister worked to get us out of our predicament. Now and again, I…

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12 thoughts on “The Least You Can Do

  1. I got the same warning Linda, and I’m not sure what you should do either. I’ve only had this happen once before, and both times I just backed off, since I, like so many others, paid for my domain with a credit card, and the warning was about someone trying to possibly hack credit cards. I figure better safe than sorry. I think you should contact Admin.


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