Sign the Pledge

Reblog from Art by Robert Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein

This was in my email this morning from Avaaz.

It is a global online pledge to practice the three values listed below.

I agree with the values and signed the pledge and felt better for it.

The three values are these:

1. Show Kindness and Respect

We will show kindness and respect towards ourselves and others whenever possible. And it’s always possible, because everyone we meet is fighting a battle we may know nothing about.

2. Strive for Wisdom

We will seek to be wise in our decisions, listening deeply to ourselves and others, and balancing our heads, hearts and intuitions in a harmony that feels right.

3.Practice Gratitude

We will regularly reflect on what we’re grateful for, because it brings perspective, dissolves negativity, and grounds us in what’s most important.

Sign the Pledge

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