The Town Hall Clock Flower (Annie Sleeps Around)

dalmatian on sofaThere’s nothing at all about the Town Hall Clock Flower in this post.  In a comment on one of my posts, Fodrambler said Google had a lot of hits on his post with mention of the Town Hall Clock Flower with a picture of Fizz, his darling little dog, so I thought I’d try an outrageously cheap trick and see if they hit on this post if I Continue reading

Dog Days

Reblog from Just for Fun. If you like dogs, you’ll love this!

Just for FUN

20150130_091705Have you ever wondered what dogs would say if they could speak English? I often wonder what my dog is thinking and speak for him. For example, today I was determined to break his habit of sneaking on the couch when no one was looking so I flipped up the cushions. He stood and watched me do this and this is how I imagined our conversation went:

Dog: “Seriously? Is this really necessary?”

Me: “Yes, it’s time you listened. Now go lie on your bed.”

Dog goes reluctantly to his bed and I exit the room.

A few minutes later I re-enter the room to him curled up in the leather chair.

Dog: “Technically, I’m not on the couch.”

And then I imagine him doing a victory dance as I shake my head and laugh.

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Annie’s Downfall

thEM55YA81 (2)My daughter once had a fat, farting, sullen Dalmatian named Annie who liked only two things in this world.  The kid across the street named Greg and anything with wheels:  riding mower, wagon, wheel barrow, cars…..We’d often look out and see Annie sitting on the seat of the riding mower.  Continue reading