Super Pooper

We had guests  My husband and I were in the kitchen getting coffee and dessert when we heard the couple laughing loudly.  We hurried back in the living room  to find our ten year-old-son had decided to pull a stunt. On a dare, he’d come walking out in front of the guests clad only in his briefs and socks.  He was a big kid, way beyond the point  to expect this.

Shocked, his dad spouted, “”Boy, are you nuts?  Go get your clothes on!”

As he turned to go, he waddled.  The woman exclaimed “Oh my God!”  He had packed a gargantuan lump of Playdoh  (afterwards known as Play Dooky) in the back of his briefs.  It looked liked he’d been holding it for about a week.   Then he reached back and pulled it out to show us, like a prize.  If I’d been offered retro-active birth control, he’d have disappeared then and there.

45 thoughts on “Super Pooper

  1. Very creative.Today, you’d have captured that quickly on a smart phone, to be used at a choice moment in his future.
    I also have lived long enough to embarrass my adult children. So much joy in payback !


  2. mandy smith says:

    I’m thinking he should do stand up? Lol! Ya gotta encourage them to go with their strengths. Unless you want them to live with you forever!


  3. I wonder what he thinks of this now. Your story brings back memories of my son and his friend coming into the living room during a grown up party to sing us a song they made up about farting. BOYS!

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