Snoopy at Work

My nine-year-old daughter called me at work one weeknight asking permission to sleepover with a friend.  The question was a formality, since she knew the answer.  No week night sleepovers. I hadn’t met or spoken to parent.  A doctor was listening when I got message my daughter called.  He could only hear my end of conversation.  After her request for permission, I merely said, “No, her mother is a child molester and her father is a murderer.”  I hung up and went back to work.   “What the Hell was that?”  He asked.  “Oh, my daughter wanted to sleepover at the neighbor’s”. He spewed coffee on his chart

The Dead Pony, the Warped Kid, and the World’s Most Horrible Mother

dead ponyThe phone rang one day.  Without introduction, I heard the familiar, deep voice of one of my son’s friends.  “Miss Linda, is that story about the pony true?”

“Yep!”  The last thing I heard was gales of laughter as I hung up.

If you are the sensitive type, skip this story.

Many years ago when my son was young, we were hauling a load of tree trimmings to the landfill.  As my husband backed the truck up to unload, I spotted a dead pony, bloated with all four legs stuck up in the air.  Without thinking, I said, “Hey, John.  Do you want a pony?”

Of course he said, “Yes!”

“Well, there’s one right over there!”


I swear it was not intentional.  Sometimes I think there is a disconnect between my brain and my mouth!

Change Happens — Judgement is Optional

Reblogged from Anchors and Butterflies. Introducing my sister Phyllis’s new blog. Give it a read!

Anchors and Butterflies

                        butterfly beauty

 Enlightenment is evolutionary and my awareness is that we have to experience or dabble in many philosophies to ascend. So we’re all where we need to be – maybe there’s no urgency to push others to the consciousness level where we are. The element that is very difficult to shift out of is judgement (which is really only perception) that makes us so passionate to keep others that we love in our space.

What if? … you choose new freedom ‘out of the box’ as a gift to give  yourself, but it doesn’t fit those you love so much – at this time?

What if? …  others you love are still in chrysalis stage and you have discovered and are trying out your wings? That doesn’t diminish the truth that all are part of the butterfly…

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