Quilt Treasure

imageI had the gift of a lifetime!  My sister bought a trunk full of quilt tops for $10 at an estate sale and gave them to me.  These beautiful tops were pieced in the 1930s and 1940s.  I just completed this Dutch Girl.  It included 30 beautifully pieced 12″ squares on buff colored cotton sugar bags.  I added borders to make it into a king-sized quilt for my son.  Each square is different and meticulously pieced, a work of art.

41 thoughts on “Quilt Treasure

  1. I used to quilt all the time, favorite one was for a 6yr old boy with leukemia in my son’s class, I had each classmate stitch a design with colored yarn on a six inch square pcs of fabric, then I sewed them all together using his favourite colors of purple and lime green. It turned out beautiful, the child loved it, was actually buried in it 4 years later…

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  2. Awesome! I love quilts! Look at all that precious vintage fabric!
    My dad made a quilt for my eldest daughter where in each square Dutch Girl or Sunbonnet Sue and Suspender Sam or Amish kids (various names for the same patterns) do different things, so this has become one of my favorites.

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