Quilt heaven


My sister bought a trunk with these incredible quilt tops several years ago at an estate sale.  A gentleman was dissolving his mother’s estate and these were included.  I do hope the little lady who did such exquisite work knows these have found a happy home where they will be treasured and start new lives.She doesn’t quilt, so passed them on to me, with the caveat that I quilt one for her daughter and one for her son.  I am delighted to do so.  My niece chose the fan pattern.  Her son hasn’t chosen yet, but must choose soon since his wedding is in March.  I made the one at the bottom for my son and his wife.  There were thirty squares, all pieced on five pound sugar bags, so I added borders to make it king-sized.  You may notice, there are pictures of squares included from a friendship quilt, with names and dates from as early as 1931, apparently quilted by a quilting group.  I find this one particularly poignant.  I intend to make a gift of it to the parish library instead of keeping it for myself.  I feel it belongs to the public of Bossier Parish.

44 thoughts on “Quilt heaven

  1. sue harvey says:

    Even in hard times we need an outlet for our creative selves. These must have been pieced during Depression years. I think it was kismet these found their way to you after all this time and being seen and appreciated everywhere your blog is read. Maybe worldwide? Thanks for sharing.

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