Superman and Grits

Cathy and Linda0001


This is me pictured with my cousin Cathy on a visit to their family in Baton Rouge. On this memorable trip, I was first introduced to grits.  It was instant love.  A year or two later Cathy told me Superman had killed himself.  I was sincerely devastated.  If Superman couldn’t deal, what hope was there for the rest of us?


16 thoughts on “Superman and Grits

  1. Shrimp and grits…dear God, is without a doubt the best restaurant meal I have ever experienced ! It was in a little cottage-type gourmet restaurant in Charleston, S.C. I’ve been around, and had my share of good cooking, but this one has never been surpassed. ☺ Salivating Van

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  2. It’s corn with white kernels–instead of yellow. The kernels are more rounded than field corn. Go to your grocery and look for canned, “shoe peg” corn or hominy. That’s the type corn kernel, it’s made from. Like previously mentioned, it’s treated with lye, to make grits. When cooked–it has the consistency of “Cream of Wheat” cereal. BTW, cheese grits are delicious. Information, from an old farm boy.

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    • Oh no! Field corn,a very tough kernel led corn is treated with lye to soften. Then it is dried and ground very coarsely to make grits, a hot breakfast cereal. Cornmeal is just ground corn. Corn flour would be much finer.

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  3. butchcountry67 says:

    okay this is going to sound stupid… but what the heck are grits? forgive me I’m Canadian , i’ve heard/read many American’s talk about grits, but I have no clue what they are!


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