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My first grade romance with John Gordon never really got off the ground.  I was able to overlook the snotty nose he wiped on his shirt sleeve, but I didn’t like it a bit when he took my lunch money out of my desk.  I worked him over at recess, getting it back, but I just never felt the same.

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Whoo? Whoo? Joke


After prayer meeting two lonely spinster ladies stopped in a grove to pray as they walked home.  One of them led off. “Please God, if it’s not too much to ask, could you send us husbands?  We’ve always been virtuous, Godly women.  We’d both make good wives for some lucky men.” Continue reading

Don’t Let Me Catch You!



First Grade School Picture

First Grade School Picture

Tommy got me in a lot of trouble.  Oh, not the usual boy and girl trouble you’re thinking of.  Three years older and much worldlier, he fed me jokes like a gambler shoveling quarters in a slot machine.  Most of the time, they sailed right over my head, but Tommy made it clear theses were high humor and bore repeating.  By the time I was six, I was Continue reading

Are You Healthy Enough for…You Know?

motherAnother story about my mother, who at eighty plus is always up for a laugh. We recently visited her cardiologist for a routine checkup. She’s been seeing him for years. Noticing a few gray hairs, she studied him seriously. “Can you recommend a good cardiologist?” Continue reading