If He Lives……

imageWhen my son was about three weeks old, my eighty-something great-uncle made a special trip over to visit him, unwrapping him, looking at his fingers, toes, and earlobes.  After a full-body exam, he pronounced.  “”He’s a healthy-looking boy.  I believe he’ll make a fine man if he Ives and does well.”  I was shocked,never having considered another possibility.

Footloose and Fancyfree (Part 2)

Even though the occasion of Bobo and Inez’s marriage preceeded my birth by a few days, Mother has told me the story so often, I feel I was there. Bobo showed up with his bride just hours after they married. No doubt, he was proud of her. He was twenty-seven; she, fifteen and visibly pregnant. Now, he’d be arrested. Quite a buxom lass, she was lovely. Continue reading