18 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Know Each Other … Promote your Blog(s) Here

  1. Retired English/Humanities teacher; traveler; journal-er; memoirist; collector of diecast airplanes (WWII Mustangs); P-51 Lover; father, husband, son, cousin, uncle; arthritic; former (20 years) stained glass artisan; reader; Kindle-er; movie lover; chocolate addict.

    Thank you for the opportunity to open up a bit more. I am doing more writing now than ever, though I am publishing at least once a month. These stories I write? Maybe something like having a baby, a gestation period is needed before I give birth. And then? “I stuck in my thumb and pulled out a plum and said, “What a fun story that is.” Ah, memoriesofatime.com

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  2. I began blogging to meet like-minded individuals my age and was all over the place at the start. Now I have a schedule. I like writing short, short flash fiction and am currently winding down writing about my trip to China almost a year ago. ^^’



  3. Rosa Ave Fénix says:

    I’m not a blogger… but I read some quite different and trhough them I learnt a lot from Canada, U.S.A. Germany…and of course from Spain since I am Spanish….. its a good dea!!!!!!


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