Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

feetMichael and Jennifer went together all through high school.  She thought she knew him well, but after they’d been married a few months and bought their first house, he declared one room off-limits.  Jennifer wasn’t to go in there under any circumstances.  Naturally, the first day she was home alone, she managed to get in. Prepared to find a room full of porn, she was surprised to find pictures of feet posted over all the walls. Continue reading

“Don’t She Look Natural!”

Aunt Ellie's FuneralThis is an excerpt from Kathleen’s Memoirs of the 1930’s, my book in  progress.  Kathleen grew up in rural East Texas in the 1930’s  during the height of The Great Depression.

The events surrounding Aunt Ellie’s death were a thrilling event for me since we hadn’t invested too much affection in each other.  The wake was unforgettable with all its glorious food:  fried chicken, peach cobbler, deviled eggs, bread ‘n butter pickles, dainties not seen outside “dinner on the grounds.”   Sprinkled with carbolic acid, Aunt Ellie lay in a pine box Continue reading

She Ain’t Got on No Panties!

First Grade School Picture

First Grade School Picture


I just loved Katie, Mother’s first cousin, though she only visited once, even naming my only daughter for her. Maybe that will make up for this horrible story I’m about to tell. Katie and Glenn came by for a few days after visiting my grandparents in Texas. Like all three-year-olds, I assumed they were my exclusive guests. Glenn was overshadowed by the lovely, Continue reading