Kathleen and the Phantom Killer

parents wedding pic(How my parents met in June 1945.  My mother had just graduated and was working as a waitress while she waited to start college that fall, when she met my father.  From her memoirs I am currently writing.)

After I graduated, I looked forward to being a lawyer or a teacher for a few years before settling down with a doting husband, maybe a doctor or judge, in a nice little house in town Continue reading

A Sticky Point!

needleThis falls in the stranger than fiction category.¬† A psychiatric patient admitted to¬†my floor from a group home years ago with a recent diagnosis of incontinence.¬† His CAT scan revealed a calcified bladder stone formed around a sewing needle. When the stone filled the bladder completely, he developed incontinence, Unlike the¬†typical patient who shows up with strange objects in strange places, he hadn’t¬†absent-mindedly sat on it.¬† He gave an excellent history and remembered losing that pesky needle.¬† It just didn’t hurt, so he thought no more about it.

Trip in Time

mother and dana

Mother and our friend Dana took a day trip to a local Jonquil Festival Saturday. After so much rain and dreary weather, it was a glorious gift.  We spent the day tramping through displays, enjoying the glorious blooms.  The sunshine and blooms sent my mood off the Joy Scale.

door¬† Later we found a wonderful old abandoned house.¬† Can you imagine how many times this old door must have been slammed by children as they came in calling, “Mama, Mama!’¬†?¬†¬†Late-arriving teenagers must have crept in quietly, hoping not to be caught.¬† Drunken husbands may have banged it as they came in late after blowing their whole paycheck, not caring that a furious wife lay waiting.¬†New mothers¬†opened it, bringing their new babies home to meet Grandma and Grandpa.¬†Hopefully, it¬†opened to¬†more good times than bad.

side porch

This shady side porch must have seen wonderful times.¬† The family probably sat here to shell peas or eat watermelon.¬† They probably ate out here on hot summer afternoons and evenings, as the babies napped, flies buzzing on the screen.¬†Likely, they’d have¬†pulled their beds out here in summer to catch a breeze.¬†¬†This is the haven to visit¬†with neighbors in rockers and straight back wooden chairs as children shrieked and chased fireflies and young people slipped into¬†the shadows to court.