A Sticky Point!

needleThis falls in the stranger than fiction category.  A psychiatric patient admitted to my floor from a group home years ago with a recent diagnosis of incontinence.  His CAT scan revealed a calcified bladder stone formed around a sewing needle. When the stone filled the bladder completely, he developed incontinence, Unlike the typical patient who shows up with strange objects in strange places, he hadn’t absent-mindedly sat on it.  He gave an excellent history and remembered losing that pesky needle.  It just didn’t hurt, so he thought no more about it.

32 thoughts on “A Sticky Point!

  1. I had to remove sewing needles from the mouths of cats numerous times. They play with the string still through the eye, and upon a bite, the needle lodges in the roof of the mouth and the string eventually becomes grafted into the throat. The needle is always exactly the width of the roof of the mouth, from tooth to tooth. The owners never can see it, they just notice the cat is not eating. Poor things.


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