Rare Gift

bowl and pitcherAmong my possessions, I number one precious gift from my father.  He had a bowl and pitcher set made for me and each of my three sisters.  I have mine in my writing room, where I see it every time I enter and leave.  I only remember him buying me two gifts.  The other was a keychain he bought in Mexico, which fell apart long, long ago.  Gift giving fell in Mother’s bailiwick.   She did all the shopping,  I never even knew of Daddy going into a store but once or twice, other than a country store if we stopped for gasoline and a soda.

The gifts I got from Daddy, were genetic gifts, natural confidence, often unwarranted, a sense of adventure, a sense of fun, as well as so many others.  I am very grateful for these, and leaving it for others to tell about the ones I needn’t be so grateful for.

19 thoughts on “Rare Gift

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix says:

    yue are lucky… my father, was very stern with me and he bought something, he didn’t think if I could like it… he bought and…that was all!


  2. I love those pitchers! They remind me of the historical town I used to work in on weekends. My grandparents owned a shop there in Metamora, Indiana and you saw a lot of those pitchers and vases – we had one upstairs in the building because there was no running water. I still remember using it.


  3. My dad died very suddenly when I was 15. As a teen back then, I did not appreciate what I had until he was gone. While I was focusing what other kids received from their fathers materially, I failed to recognize the gift my father was giving me….himself. He took time for me and invested in me.
    And yeah, there are those “genetic gifts” Forty years after my daddy died, people still remind me how much I am like my dad.
    I LOVE hearing those words, and am honoured! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  4. Bless you… this is a lovely post! I especially love the last paragraph and can so relate. 🙂 Literally, the only gift I can recall my father giving me was genetic. But then… they are good genes! 🙂 xx MH


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