Something for Almost Nothing

boxWe just love making somethings out of nothing.  Spring is here and I have been working overtime finding lots of nothings.  Bud is retired.  His new full-time job is helping me make somethings out of them.  Today was my first day to really get out and fill this window box in my back flower bed we made last fall.  I salvaged an old window a friend was throwing out.  Bud set it in a frame of 2x4s.  I painted it with leftover white enamel paint from last year’s lawn furniture redo and a sample bottle of green enamel from the hardware store.  Bud disemboweled an old ironing board for a shelf beneath the flea-market window basket($3) and mounted the window box in frame in a flower bed against the West wall of my house, setting it in sakrete, which we already had.  I had to buy the stock flowers a cost $6.98 each but , but robbed the rest of the flowers from beds that were just starting to bloom at no cost.  The broken sun medallion was retrieved from another project and will be brightened up with paint on hand.  I will mount baskets of ferns as soon as I recover from the huge financial outlay for this project.  Bud may have had to buy a couple of 2x4s so total cost of this project may have been $15, including lumber, paint sample, 2 purchased plants, coco mat, and Bandaids.  This project can be put together in one day.  Concrete needs to set overnight.

Jasmine will be climbing the legs.  I will plant strawberries to entice birds, butterflies, and critters.

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