Beauty from Salvaged Materials



This project was conceived when I wanted a computer table made from reclaimed lumber.  My brother-in-law was tearing down an old barn.  I salvaged several old oak boards from his burn pile.  My sister offered me this old gate leg table frame that had been standing in the barn for years.  In the first picture, you can see the rough lumber next to the strips my husband Bud, milled from them, the battered old table frame in the second.  Bud, milled, glued, sanded, and constructed this lovely gate-leg table over the next few weeks.  I just love it.  It is far too lovely to hide in my office.  It will go in my breakfast room. This project from salvaged materials cost less than twenty dollars.  The only purchases were wood glue and Tung Oil.  In the last frame, you can see the next project in progress.  I found these vintage chairs for about ten dollars each.  We are in the midst of getting ready to paint for my patio.  I will post when they are complete.

31 thoughts on “Beauty from Salvaged Materials

    • Will do chair frames in white enamel. Flower stems nice green. Flowers will be sunflower yellow, brilliant blue, or orange to go with ceramic sunflower top in progress. Seats will tie in with those colors, indoor outdoor fabric that can be washed if necessary for patio.

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