If I Die Before I Wake


Nomadic Adventurer’s beautiful post(see link above) and conversations with Edwina’s Episodes and Erika Kind have me feeling reflective this morning  If I die this morning, I have nothing to regret.  I love and am loved.  I have a wonderful family, friends, and have done meaningful work.  I’ve have the opportunity to encounter so many people, animals, places, experiences, nature, and been given the gift of spiritual growth. All my needs are met and I know the joy of sharing.  I am thankful.

24 thoughts on “If I Die Before I Wake

  1. There are not many people who can say that Linda. That is a lovely place to be in. Please don’t forget the joy you have brought to others as well by your wonderful storytelling. It is a wonderful gift being able to make someone laugh or to move someone to tears just by simple words. You manage to do both 🙂

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  2. This is the most important statement we can make in life, isn’t it? What wonderful words, Linda. I am so very happy to read them. I recently thought exactly the same! If I would die now my life was worth living: I don’t regret anything and I went for my dreams which fulfilled one by one. I felt everything from deepest despair to the most exhilarating happiness, from the saddest disappointment to an out of this world feeling of love. I had it all! And as much time as I am given as much I will live this life with all I am.

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