Thou Shalt Not Thong

imageThe pastor’s vocabulary could have used a little updating before he addressed his concerns that the young people were taking casual dress at morning services just a bit too far.  “I’ll bet half of the young ladies out there are wearing thongs this morning.”  Though he was thinking of the ” flip flop” shoes of his youth, not sexy underwear, he certainly had everyone’s attention.

34 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Thong

  1. Too funny. It reminds me of a meeting at my job years ago when a supervisor was going over a new dress code. She said, “No thongs are allowed.” One of my co-workers said, “How would you know if we are wearing one?”

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  2. Don’t hate me for saying what went through my head. Sermon titles/story title ideas: Thongs are wrong, Why thongs are wrong, Two thongs don’t make it right. Thongs–why can’t we get along? When thongs go wrong. It don’t mean a thing–if you don’t have a thong. Fling a thong. I’m done now–know it’s a sickness, and you may use any of these.

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