Joke. Joe, Are You Okay?

Two good ole fellers was walking down the road when they come across an arm .  Mike  ran up and looked it over.

“Hey, this here looks like Joe’s arm.”  John joined him, giving it a look.  “Yep,it’s Joe’s arm, all right.  Look at that watch.”

Walkng a bit further, they found a leg.  Mike noted. “Looky here. I b’lieve this here’s Joe’s leg.”

Yeah, it is.  This is Joe’s boot.” agreed John.

Continuing on, they come up on a torso in a jacket.  The boys checked it over.  “Now I know this is here is Joe’s jacket.  Look at the name over the pocket.  Ain’t nobody else got a jacket with Joe’s name on it.

About a half a mile on, Mike saw a head on the side of the road.  He took off running.  “I b’lieve that’s Joe.  Picking up the head, he shook it.  “Joe, Joe!  Are you okay?”

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